Lex Lethal - "Frosty The Snowman" Official Music Video

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Murder Musick presents: Lex Lethal official music video for Frosty The Snowman.
Video by @Håkon Delbæk
The Norseman is going off. You do not want it with Jack Frost of HipHop. I'm not kidding, i'm a frost wizard and imma knock you in the cock with a box of popsickles, and then imma drop you shivering up in the north blizzard, and
they call me the abominable snowman, when I throw hands, I'm cold and unstoppable, I'm a fox, im sly as if I was rocky, walking in the ring and swinging for anything that was rockable. y'all gripping your balls think its impossible but I promise that it's not even improbable that a scot could be ripping it this hot, shit hot shit, so sick it belongs in the hospital. i drop bombs like a b2 me and you are not the same, im strong and you are soft, brittle, and the flame that this furnace is burning is way too hot for yall to touch but yall still gonna watch it though.
i could spit it with the rhythm of a minigun and make it inaudible, whenever you wanna consider it give it a thought before followthrough. this is a warning to all of you, if you want beef then I promise i'll swallow you. becasue I am a shark, youre all little fishes, so dont make me get into this cos I get vicious, im the young pup but the big dog and youre all bitches, so just mind the width of your britches before youre getting stitches. so if youre thinking of bringing me to some beef, just remember it's edible, im gonna pick it from my teeth, and when im severing heads im rendering heavy disbelief because there aint a single emcee reppin ready for me, nah.
not a single one. they all see me and run cos I spit it like the word of god from the devil's tongue.
im leaving people believing lethal's the devil's son, I got alot of gods but I never called the devil one.
guess you can call me Vladimir I'mmasockabitch cos im rushin and boxing whenever anyone talking shit, kgb to me means kill a gobby bitch, and no we aint equal so dont call me a communist.
i think ive finaly figured out what the problem back in scotland is, ive got something theyve not and i pissed them off with it, props to all of you rocking with as i lift off with it, but lets not toss snowballs kids, im frosty the snowman.
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