GMV NEFFEX - Good Girls [EDM Gaming Music Video] No Copyright Music.

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Not only well-made GAME ANIMATION. GMV, but also wonderful edm No Copyright Music. gaming video. - NEFFEX -GOOD GIRL, a video about fantasy warrior girls
EDM - Electronic dance music) represents a wide range of genres and styles of electronic music, aimed primarily at the entertainment industry. EDM is the backbone of musical accompaniment for nightclubs and electronic music festivals. EDM is typically used in the context of live playback, where the DJ plays a pre-prepared playlist, smoothly moving from one to the next. Electronic dance music does not belong to a separate style of music, but is used as a generalized term for several popular genres such as house, trance, techno, dubstep, drum and bass and many others. This is the main result of the creativity of most modern music producers and DJs.

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